Why is it difficult for many people to create things consistently?


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Hey there, today is not about tech talk. I've been thinking about some drafts that have been sitting around untouched for a while. I asked ChatGPT why it's so challenging to create things consistently, but its responses were quite basic, as usual. The question I'm trying to answer is, “Why is it difficult for many people to create things consistently?”.

Anyway, I just figured it out, it's difficult because it's not fun. It's not engaging at all. Staring at a blank screen and trying to put thoughts into words? Not the most thrilling activity. Expressing what's in your head? Tough stuff. Even experts struggle to explain what they know. Not only that, doing consistent open-source work, or developing your side project in your free time. All of that is difficult.

It's not just difficult; it's made even more difficult by the complexities of modern life, and all the distractions like social media, Netflix, or video games. Imagine, you have a family with kids. Just thinking about it can be overwhelming, let alone finding the focus. But you know what? Some folks still manage it. How? Well…

How do other people do it?

I'll tell you straight ahead. The people I know, they don't really care if something's boring or exciting—they push through regardless. They have control over themselves, and their mind. They look from the perspective, “Okay, this needs to be done”. Sounds easy, but it isn't. This requires discipline. Being able to concentrate, even when you'd rather be doing something else, is an amazing skill. It's kind of what meditation practices teach. So how do you improve that skill?

How can you focus on boring tasks?

Our knowledge about our brains today is quite remarkable. I'm not an expert in that area, but I've been diving into neuroscience and the human body lately. Essentially, you've got to train your brain for this. It would help if you learn how to relax and how to lower your stress level, so you have space for other things. I'm pretty sure, you had those days when you stressed yourself with something, out of nowhere. Well, guess what? You can do the exact opposite. You just need to learn how. If you're interested in this topic, I would recommend Wim Hof's breathing technique, it's amazing. I would also suggest listening to a podcast or watching a clip from people like Andrew Huberman. Meditation is another great tool. Sitting there in a stance, and focusing on yourself, telling your mind what to do. It seems boring at first, but it's insanely effective. That's why meditation practices have been passed down through generations. Because it works! The cold showers are fantastic. There are tons of scientific evidence behind it. If those seem extreme, start with taking a walk, regularly. So, if you're curious, dive into all this stuff, especially on YouTube if videos are more your thing!

Oh, by the way, our brains aren't the only important bits in our bodies, everything is connected. So, taking care of your whole body is crucial for your brain to perform at its peak. We have a proverb in Turkish that goes something like “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, and ensure good sleep. Don't try to cheat on your body. What are you trying to save? Time or money? At the expense of your own well-being? Take the time to prepare a wholesome meal. Understand your body and its needs.

Understand yourself

Creating regularly can be tough, no doubt about it. But remember, every small step counts. Embracing the challenge and staying disciplined, even when it feels hard, leads to wonderful growth. Understand, and don't be so hard on yourself. Be flexible when you need to. Learn how to love the process, not only the outcome. The struggle today becomes the strength tomorrow. If you improve by 1% every week for a year, you will be approximately 164.7% better by the end of the year compared to where you started. You've got this!

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